Self-Drive excursions to Waterberg

Frans Indongo Lodge offers a Self-Drive Excursion to Waterberg, one of the most famous mountain plateau’s in Namibia – elevating high about the plains of the Kalahari of Eastern Namibia.

Waterberg became a nature reserve in 1971 after which hundreds of animals ranging in species, such as Sable Antelope, Buffalo and Rhino where resettled. It is also a host to a range of rare bird types like the Ruppell’s parrot.

Various Plateau Hike Trails area available, allowing you to bath in the natural beauty of Namibia – surrounded by wild animals and birds – to make your visit extra special.

You can also enjoy a scrumptious lunch at the historic Police Station, now a restaurant, filled with historical pictures of the “olden days”.

While hiking in Namibia it is always important to take note of the natural dangerous you are surrounded with we, at Frans Indongo Lodge, would like to recommend that you pack the following when hiking in Namibia: